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My friend Bastian Purrer has asked me a question a few days ago (after seeing this picture above on instagram):

How can you be so green but not vegetarian?

Let me at first make things clear, I can and will NEVER become a vegan; cheese is what keeps me going and it’s not harmful.

But why am I not vegetarian?

1. I’m a muslim and in my religion, eating meat is halal (allowed) without extravagance.
2. The meat I eat comes from locally grown animals. And they’re fresh. No packaging, and energy used for transport and cooling is being conserved.
3. What I eat is organic meat and diary.
4. The products are mostly free-range and ranch raised.
5. The farms are relatively small; almost no chemicals are being used and less manure is used to filterize the soil.

So, I consider myself a “Flexitarian” at the moment. I’m not ready to commit a full-on vegetarian lifestyle but I reduce my meat consumption. And once I move to a place where all the above does not apply (except the first point), I’ll reconsider becoming a vegetarian.