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I’ll cut right to the chase. What’s been happening in 2012 ‘so far’?

  • 97% of Greenland’s surface ice sheet thawed in Jul, 2012.
  • Arctic Sea ice stuck near record-low levels.
  • Wildfires in Siberia and Colorado.
  • The hottest downpour in the planet’s recorded history in Mecca, KSA. 
  • Monsoons in Bangladesh leveas hundreds dead and nearly 7 million people homeless.
  • +600 million people in India being left without power in the world’s largest blackout.
  • The Amazon River reached a record height and continues to rise leaving thousands of people homeless.
  • Water is still being pumped to cool Fukushima nuclear reactor.

How much do we still need to suffer before getting serious about climate change?


Al-Hadidi twins Dara & Dawaser started a movement almost two years ago called ‘Smoke Free Amman’… They did great job by making smoking banned in some malls… And few months ago, the amazing Zeina Shahzada started ‘Smoke Free Jordan‘ and having a ‘No Tobacco Day‘  event today… Zeina and Women against indoor smoking in Jordan are trying to  activate the laws and regulations already put about banning indoor smoking in public places.

I’m not going to talk about how bad smoking is… Knowing that there are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, at least 250 are known to be harmful  and among the 250 known harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, at least 69 can cause cancer. I’m not gonna also talk about how selfish the indoor smokers are to cause harm to the secondhand smokers knowing that the exposure to passive smoke may increase the risk of heart disease by an estimated 25 to 30 percent! I’m not writing this to say that every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies!

I’m gonna talk about how smoking/tobacco is bad to the environment! Yes, those sneaky cigarette companies aren’t just throwing in additives that are harmful to you, but are harmful to nature as well:

  • Careless smoking can cause fire! Candles can too… But candles did not start 20,000 accidental fires in the past decade as cigarette butts did!
  • Approximately 4000 chemicals are present in every cigarette, which are released in the atmosphere every time you light up a cigarette. This indicates that an enormous quantity of pollution is being released in the atmosphere every day– things like formaldehyde, benzene and hydrogen cyanide, which are all air-polluting, smog- inducing VOC’s!
  • Millions of cigarette butts are left on the ground everyday. Most of the cigarette butts end up in lakes and rivers, fishes and other water animals eat them and they for sure die!
  • The remaining butts left on the ground will approximately take 25-26 years to decompose so the chemicals will end up leached in the soil polluting it.
  • Manufacturing tobacco causes deforestation… How? Wood is used to cure tobacco and to roll cigarettes. Approximately one tree is required for every 300 cigarettes. Bbye forests… Welcome climate change!
  • 200,000 hectares of trees per year are cut down in southern Africa to provide the space for curing tobacco leaves. That could be used to grow food for poor people!
  • Water is being used to plant tobacco leaves and to cool the engines where as well more energy is being wasted.

Shocked? That’s what your cigarette does! Just give it a thought before lighting up that cigarette… Think of your health, your children, people living in poverty, animals and the earth as whole!