One Special Birthday Gift

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I got this poem from a dear friend on my birthday:

When the sea is calm
thoughts dissolve in its flow

thorns from the valley
cast not their ways

for an adventurer you are
mighty yet not fray

an inspiration to others
as just are your ways

a sincere friend i have gain
yet lost nothing in return

I pray for thee patience
as the journey has only begun

changing the wind’s direction
from east to west you may

yet always be gentle
as honey is sweeter than clay

happy birthday!

Waqas Baggia 

I love my friends.



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Wikipedia states that a bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.

People never ‘live’ on a bridge…
People never ‘plant’ a bridge…
People never ‘enjoy’ staying on a bridge…
People never ‘own’ a bridge…

In return,

Bridges never ’embrace’ passengers…
Bridges never ‘give’ fruits or crops to passengers…
Bridges never ‘entertain’ passengers…
Bridges never ‘cry’ over passengers…

Bridges are to be crossed… But some people are bad enough to burn them… Treat Jordan as a bridge and do not expect it to treat you BUT as a passenger.

Shut. up.

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I was born… And then everyone thought that he/she has the right to be part of my life, my heart, my mind, my everything… They throw a word or two around and then shut up… I wish if you just shut up for ever!

I do not want you to tell me what I shall say and what I shall not!
I do not want you to tell me what I shall do and what I shall not!
I do not want you to tell me how I shall think and how I shall not!
I do not want you to tell me how I shall respond and how I shall not!
I do not want you to tell me how I shall feel and how I shall not!
I do not want you to tell me whom I shall talk to and whom I shall not!
I do not want you to tell me when I shall sleep and when I shall not!
I do not want you to tell me where I shall go and where I shall not!

I do not want you to interfere in any single thing if I ask you NOT.
I do not want you to act like a mentor when I need one NOT.
I do not want you to hold my hand when I want that NOT.
I do not want you to believe the nonsense I say when I mean it NOT.

People who try to get into my world in a way or another and think I’m astonishing, smart and have amiable attitude and all of a sudden LEAVE, I hate you… I hate you for not knowing the real me, for being so mean, for being so useless, for being so desperate, for being so coward… I hate you for being so YOU.

I do not want to answer your barefaced questions or hear your ingenious suppositions and distant surmises and PLEASE stop conjecturing about what’s going on or what’s gonna happen. I always eluded the skill of them all but now I’m just so fatigued with the raptures of your fake smiles so SHUT THE EFFIN’ UP; the first tumult of joy is over. Period.

Mish 3aib! مش عيب

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Mish 3aib is campaign initiated by Dr. Amjad Aryan to increase employment in Jordan by identifying opportunities of jobs that match the skills of Jordanians in the private and public sector. They decided to roll up their sleeves and work as one helping the workers on different sites such as Abu Jbara & Almanaseer Gas Station.

Since my posts are always directed to the point, I’ll just cut to the chase and say this: I truly appreciate what those guys are doing BUT I don’t think this is enough or might change something…

Let’s look at this from the worker’s point of view:

  • Oh those riches are coming to have fun for a couple of hours and leave back to their fancy/ comfy lives!
  • They don’t have to work from dawn to sunset!
  • They’re not worried about any debts or children tuition fees, food, clothes, health insurance, house rent….etc.
  • None of them was rejected by the father of his girlfriend when he proposed because of his careers like I was.
  • None of them has been insulted by his employer over and over with keeping his mouth shut because he NEEDS THE JOB!


Work is Mish 3aib, but:

  • Being paid almost nothing is 3aib.
  • Being treated as a slave is 3aib.
  • Being rejected by others is 3aib.
  • Being undervalued is 3aib.
  • Being degraded is 3aib.
  • Being dependent is 3aib.
  • Not Standing for thy dignity is 3aib.
  • Being ignorant (making poverty an excuse) is 3aib.
Is there a better way of changing this?

  • The government needs to take action and guarantee the basic rights of these workers. The government has enough shit to worry about, what to do?!
  • Talk to the employers, try to change their mindset to stop being gold diggers money lovers and make them feel with the employees a bit! Might not work but it’s worth a try!
  • Change the mentality of the workers, make them believe in themselves and overcome their low self esteems! (That’s what I believe Mish 3aib team is trying to do currently) But make them stand for what they want and keep asking for it until they get it!


On a side note: If I might EVER reject one of the mish 3aib workers, the only reason would be his not being educated -not obligatory a scholar-.

P.s. This post is not to criticize what Mish 3aib team is doing (Kudos to their efforts!) rather than to open their eyes on some other issues they may need to consider while tackling the 3aib phenomenon.

Al-Hadidi twins Dara & Dawaser started a movement almost two years ago called ‘Smoke Free Amman’… They did great job by making smoking banned in some malls… And few months ago, the amazing Zeina Shahzada started ‘Smoke Free Jordan‘ and having a ‘No Tobacco Day‘  event today… Zeina and Women against indoor smoking in Jordan are trying to  activate the laws and regulations already put about banning indoor smoking in public places.

I’m not going to talk about how bad smoking is… Knowing that there are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, at least 250 are known to be harmful  and among the 250 known harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, at least 69 can cause cancer. I’m not gonna also talk about how selfish the indoor smokers are to cause harm to the secondhand smokers knowing that the exposure to passive smoke may increase the risk of heart disease by an estimated 25 to 30 percent! I’m not writing this to say that every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies!

I’m gonna talk about how smoking/tobacco is bad to the environment! Yes, those sneaky cigarette companies aren’t just throwing in additives that are harmful to you, but are harmful to nature as well:

  • Careless smoking can cause fire! Candles can too… But candles did not start 20,000 accidental fires in the past decade as cigarette butts did!
  • Approximately 4000 chemicals are present in every cigarette, which are released in the atmosphere every time you light up a cigarette. This indicates that an enormous quantity of pollution is being released in the atmosphere every day– things like formaldehyde, benzene and hydrogen cyanide, which are all air-polluting, smog- inducing VOC’s!
  • Millions of cigarette butts are left on the ground everyday. Most of the cigarette butts end up in lakes and rivers, fishes and other water animals eat them and they for sure die!
  • The remaining butts left on the ground will approximately take 25-26 years to decompose so the chemicals will end up leached in the soil polluting it.
  • Manufacturing tobacco causes deforestation… How? Wood is used to cure tobacco and to roll cigarettes. Approximately one tree is required for every 300 cigarettes. Bbye forests… Welcome climate change!
  • 200,000 hectares of trees per year are cut down in southern Africa to provide the space for curing tobacco leaves. That could be used to grow food for poor people!
  • Water is being used to plant tobacco leaves and to cool the engines where as well more energy is being wasted.

Shocked? That’s what your cigarette does! Just give it a thought before lighting up that cigarette… Think of your health, your children, people living in poverty, animals and the earth as whole!

Fiction or Truth?

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She was too sensible, good humored, lively and excessively pretty to be loved by anyone… There was no single man on earth could not fall for her eyes, her voice, her elegance, her genius… That’s when she met him, his ugly countenance was the first she noticed… He was so high and so conceited that he believed no one can endure him… She was not supposed to be there, but she was and they met…

She never wished seeing him again, never liked the conversations they had, never liked his path in this life, never liked any single thing about him… He was the most disagreeable, horrid man that’s not at all worth pleasing… But she did not wish to be hasty in censuring anyone, that’s why she ‘gave him a chance’… If she did not venture, who else would anyway?

He was too vain and selfish; he was about to do anything to please his own self, to satisfy his own desires… He never quit trying attracting her. It took him a long while to get to what he wanted. He was harsh and she was too fragile and pliant and he was smart enough to be the first to find a solution whenever she faced a problem… The first to advise whenever she needed a mentor… The first to hug her whenever she needed someone… That’s when she woke up one day seeing that his mystery turned the tide, finding him part of her life… Her intimate friend, her brother, her father, her mentor and her lover -yet she sometimes denied that…

She tried so hard to understand him, to figure out what he wanted from her…He was the only one to make her cry and the only one to wipe away her tears… He had no words but actions… She wished to hear him expressing his admiration to her… She never wished to hear this from anyone else as she did with him, yet he remained silent… He tended to hug her tighter whenever she asked about it… That kept her guessing, off-balance and keen… To be candid with ostentation or design belonged to him alone and she never succeeded in changing that about him…

His vain killed her slowly… His well and ill-treatment always bothered her… His ingenious and ingenuous kept her always worried… She wanted to settle for something whatever was it… But his superciliousness and haughtiness never allowed her to… She could easily forgive his pride if he had not mortified hers…

With all what he does to her, she remains with very cordial feelings toward him… That’s surpassing her capacity but she can never let this stop… Is it love or forbidden love? Will he make it a happy ending or will it be another sad romantic story? Will he change for her or will he remain the same he? Is she even the same old she or she became an exact copy of him?

Enough food is produced twice over every year than is needed to feed the world and yet 1.4 billion people live on $1.25 a day or less! Why?!

1. Governments and International agencies are neglecting the importance of agriculture relevant to poor people!
2. The current worldwide economic crisis.
3. The significant increase of food prices in the last several years which has been devastating to those with only a few dollars a day to spend.
I believe the reason behind all this poorness, poverty, hunger, malnutrition comes down to the fact that the rich are greedy! Mother Teresa said: “It is poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish” but I say it’s us to decide the continuity of this catastrophic issue!

Hugh Evans has created the Global Poverty Project that catalyze the movement to end extreme poverty. And one of the campaigns they started is Live Below The Line and almost 11,000 are participating from the UK, US and AUS to spread awareness about extreme poverty and to do some fundraising for the Global Poverty Project. I myself decided to be part of this challenge (though I live in Jordan)… Now how is that going?

The idea sounded familiar to me, as a Muslim, I fast +30 days a year as I’m not allowed to eat and drink from dawn to sunset… So eating for $1.5 (~= 1 JOD) should be easy… But I got to find out that it’s not easy as all for the coming reasons:
– I live with my family; I don’t pay for the food/drinks so it was kinda hard to estimate what’s worth $1.5/day including water, salt, pepper and all…
– I am on vacation and I’m not going out a lot these days, all the work I do (if any) is online which makes it even harder not to be busy with anything outdoors to forget about eating…
– My father who does not live with us is now here so my mum is cooking the most delicious food ever for him! This is torture yes!
– It has nothing to do with fasting… We’re spending lots and lots of money on our feasts in Ramadan and we keep eating the whole night… This is not what fasting is about…
I had coffee once in these five days and ate salads, banana, grilled chicken, oat soup, some fried potatoes and mini chicken sandwich… How did I manage? I don’t get lots of liquids into my system usually & I used to have no breakfast, one main meal and one type of snacks.

I ought to think that I’m doing harder than anyone else… Seeing food and not being able to eat from while starving is quite challenging… Well, not really… All Live Below The Line challengers are facing nothing compared to those who really live below the line! Why?
– Most participants have planned the five days’ meals and bought the needed food before… What if those who live in extreme poverty are being paid daily? It’s really heard to buy all the meal basics for $1.5.
– The participants are doing that voluntarily and temporarily. We all know that by Saturday we’ll get back to our normal lives and if we ever felt like giving up, we can find food to eat…
– The feeling of insecurity… None of us has felt it for a second.

This is a awareness and fundraising campaign… I’ve tried as much as I can to talk about it (I hope I was not just spamming) and I raised zero dollars for the GPP. But I did not really promote for the fundraising well enough since most people in Jordan know nothing about the GPP… SoI’ll donate what I saved in these 5 days for some local organization (orphanage probably).

Tomorrow is the end of the world, says Harold Camping… I just hope this dude is mistaken… I’d not be really pleased to spend the last five days of my life living under the line (Unless I’m going to heaven!)… No Seriously, I’ve thought of quitting, cheating, or giving myself a pass… But there were always 1.4 billion reasons to keep going… I starved and I sometimes felt like not eating at all… My system got used to eating less… You don’t want to know how it feels to be in hunger… To be unable to feed yourself or your children… How to die because of malnutrition… This is one tough experience I challenge u all to take…
Live Below The Line has raised 1 million euros for charity in only five days! I do dream of a poverty-free world and I believe we can all make poverty history!