Mish 3aib! مش عيب

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Mish 3aib is campaign initiated by Dr. Amjad Aryan to increase employment in Jordan by identifying opportunities of jobs that match the skills of Jordanians in the private and public sector. They decided to roll up their sleeves and work as one helping the workers on different sites such as Abu Jbara & Almanaseer Gas Station.

Since my posts are always directed to the point, I’ll just cut to the chase and say this: I truly appreciate what those guys are doing BUT I don’t think this is enough or might change something…

Let’s look at this from the worker’s point of view:

  • Oh those riches are coming to have fun for a couple of hours and leave back to their fancy/ comfy lives!
  • They don’t have to work from dawn to sunset!
  • They’re not worried about any debts or children tuition fees, food, clothes, health insurance, house rent….etc.
  • None of them was rejected by the father of his girlfriend when he proposed because of his careers like I was.
  • None of them has been insulted by his employer over and over with keeping his mouth shut because he NEEDS THE JOB!


Work is Mish 3aib, but:

  • Being paid almost nothing is 3aib.
  • Being treated as a slave is 3aib.
  • Being rejected by others is 3aib.
  • Being undervalued is 3aib.
  • Being degraded is 3aib.
  • Being dependent is 3aib.
  • Not Standing for thy dignity is 3aib.
  • Being ignorant (making poverty an excuse) is 3aib.
Is there a better way of changing this?

  • The government needs to take action and guarantee the basic rights of these workers. The government has enough shit to worry about, what to do?!
  • Talk to the employers, try to change their mindset to stop being gold diggers money lovers and make them feel with the employees a bit! Might not work but it’s worth a try!
  • Change the mentality of the workers, make them believe in themselves and overcome their low self esteems! (That’s what I believe Mish 3aib team is trying to do currently) But make them stand for what they want and keep asking for it until they get it!


On a side note: If I might EVER reject one of the mish 3aib workers, the only reason would be his not being educated -not obligatory a scholar-.

P.s. This post is not to criticize what Mish 3aib team is doing (Kudos to their efforts!) rather than to open their eyes on some other issues they may need to consider while tackling the 3aib phenomenon.


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