Fiction or Truth?

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

She was too sensible, good humored, lively and excessively pretty to be loved by anyone… There was no single man on earth could not fall for her eyes, her voice, her elegance, her genius… That’s when she met him, his ugly countenance was the first she noticed… He was so high and so conceited that he believed no one can endure him… She was not supposed to be there, but she was and they met…

She never wished seeing him again, never liked the conversations they had, never liked his path in this life, never liked any single thing about him… He was the most disagreeable, horrid man that’s not at all worth pleasing… But she did not wish to be hasty in censuring anyone, that’s why she ‘gave him a chance’… If she did not venture, who else would anyway?

He was too vain and selfish; he was about to do anything to please his own self, to satisfy his own desires… He never quit trying attracting her. It took him a long while to get to what he wanted. He was harsh and she was too fragile and pliant and he was smart enough to be the first to find a solution whenever she faced a problem… The first to advise whenever she needed a mentor… The first to hug her whenever she needed someone… That’s when she woke up one day seeing that his mystery turned the tide, finding him part of her life… Her intimate friend, her brother, her father, her mentor and her lover -yet she sometimes denied that…

She tried so hard to understand him, to figure out what he wanted from her…He was the only one to make her cry and the only one to wipe away her tears… He had no words but actions… She wished to hear him expressing his admiration to her… She never wished to hear this from anyone else as she did with him, yet he remained silent… He tended to hug her tighter whenever she asked about it… That kept her guessing, off-balance and keen… To be candid with ostentation or design belonged to him alone and she never succeeded in changing that about him…

His vain killed her slowly… His well and ill-treatment always bothered her… His ingenious and ingenuous kept her always worried… She wanted to settle for something whatever was it… But his superciliousness and haughtiness never allowed her to… She could easily forgive his pride if he had not mortified hers…

With all what he does to her, she remains with very cordial feelings toward him… That’s surpassing her capacity but she can never let this stop… Is it love or forbidden love? Will he make it a happy ending or will it be another sad romantic story? Will he change for her or will he remain the same he? Is she even the same old she or she became an exact copy of him?

  1. kgharaibeh says:

    are you ok aya?:)

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    nice read Wallah, I guess she got a taste of her own “sweet” medicine, ha! 😉

  3. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    “There was no single man on earth could not fall for her eyes, her voice, her elegance, her genius”
    now she IS in the hot-seat 🙂

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