A psycho ruling The Mother of The World (Om El-Donia)

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After Tunisians’ revolution succeeded in making Bin Ali step down and flee away, Egyptians have woken up at the sudden! Tunisia’s experience was the spark that set off January, 25th revolution in Egypt against the corrupted regime! Not hunger revolution as much as freedom, justice and dignity one! But the case is totally different. It’s getting so complicated that I am off-guessing. I can only hope!

Mubarak seriously does not deserve being talken about this much! He has been trending on Twitter worldwide. Mubarak is stubborn about not leaving, he does not want to be humiliated! Is there more humiliate than this?!
He’s 83 years old, a delusional pharaoh leads an oligarchy! Crisis has cost the country $12 billion because of his reaction! He’s setting thugs loose on people, they’re been hired to loot! Police out of uniform are employing militia tactics! Protesters were arrested in massive numbers, protesters used to face off with water cannon mid-prayer and some have been killed! Internet has been shut down, Google launched a new technology Speak2Tweet to help protesters share this historical event but mobiles have been shut down as well!!
AL Jazeera’s signals have been dropped down by NileSat & ArabSat (located in Egypt). Aljadeed TV gave its broadcast to Al Jazeera but the latter has been warned to be shut down as well!

Egyptians are standing still in solidrity in millions forming peaceful protests and marches, protecting homes, cleaning streets/squares and even doing some recycling! This regime and the parliament no more have legitimacy. Mubarak has to heed Egyptians’ demand for change! He should leave to avoid bloodshed. Well, I think he should be put on trial instead! And for Egypt, fair, clean and transparent elections must take place soon!

God Bless Egypt!

  1. aboosh says:

    It is very eerie reading these posts after February 11th. The changes that were brought to Egypt in 18 days are earth-shattering in nature and the whole region will feel its aftershocks for many months and years to come.

    I cannot agree anymore about your assertion that this a revolution for dignity, not hunger.

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