Helping Pakistan

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I don’t need to go through an introduction to this topic. We’ve all been seeing that Pakistan Floods on the very first NEWS pages.

How to help?!

Pakistanis need FOOD! As you can see:

I’ll be writing down the instructions to help:

  • Fill a box of food aids. Don’t send anything!

– The box 15 inches X 15 inches X 12 inches. It’s the optimal size. But any other size is OK.

– DO NOT put rice or something they need to cook!


  1. Cotton Bed Sheet.
  2. Two 1.5 litters of water.
  3. 12 juice packages with straws.
  4. One box of salty biscuits.
  5. One box and a half of sweet biscuits.
  6. Potato Chips.
  7. Box of chocolate.
  8. Litter or litter and a half long life-milk carton.
  9. Soap bar.
  10. Dates.
  11. ORS.
  12. Disposable glasses.
  • Call the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) office at you country.  4625981 if you’re in Jordan. And take the box/es to their place.
  • They’ll do the shipping and then the Pakistani Army Forces or some NGOs will make sure of taking them to those who are in need.

p.s. Before putting any aid you think that they’ll need, think of this: Most of the recipients are poor and not educated. So don’t send anything they should not drink or eat! And make sure that you send NOTHING BUT HALAL.


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