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Few days ago, another case of type ‘Super Trending‘ crimes was added to the records.
JoTweep Mohammad Al-Abed (Aboosh) says in his blog You will not die in vain :

A tragedy has struck us.

I never thought it would come to this. That I come to write an obituary for the closest and dearest aunts of all. My aunt Reema, may Allah have peace on her soul, age 35, mother of 2 girls and 1 boy, was cowardly shot while she was asleep. The assailant is her husband.

Describing his aunt:

In 21st Century Jordan, she resembles where an individual should strive for. Her work for the local universities, for the local schools and graduate studies has affected hundreds of young local females.

In 21st Century Jordan, she presents the example of local leadership that works against all odds, to reform her surroundings, to present a better future for those who follow in her shadow, and to bring the bottom-up revolution we all seek for.

In 21st Century Jordan, aunt Reema presents the model for all Muslim women around the world: a model of conservatism and modernism, that adheres to the local cultural values, yet, flourish where many have failed.

And assuring that he will not rest until the perpetrator will be hanged.

We REFUSE to let you die in vain. We REFUSE to let you be another sad story or another sad statistic in a sad reality that we call Jordan.

This half man will meet his Maker soon enough, and I will not rest until i see the noose slung around his neck. He killed her in cold blood; pre-meditated, and long-calculated. She was a victim of years of mental abuse and a victim of old hatred that consumed this disgrace of a man.

But we REFUSE to let you die in vain.

The justice system will take its course, and this mockery of a man will be hanged, and all those who encouraged him and supported his cowardly act will meet the heavy hand of justice.

But we REFUSE to let you die in vain.

We will have the courage to face your tragic loss with heads held high, and show the world what you have taught us and kept teaching us.

Most of those who knew about Reema’s case were encouraged to NEVER make her forgotten.  It’s time for us to speak up and take serious actions toward this issue ‘Violence Against Women‘.

Some has blogged about it:

Jordan Needs Help by Jansait

Royal Conversation IV (Crimes against Women) bymab3oos and

Global Voice: Jordan: Reema, We Refuse to Let You Die in Vain by Katharine Ganly

or re-blogged Mohammad’s post on 7iber.com and on Elites TV.

While Ayah Alfawaris has started a petition to send a letter addressed to the royal family and the government under the title Break the silence on the violent crimes against women in Jordan. asking them to:

1. Enact legislation on violence against women.
2. Implement educational and awareness raising measures aimed at law enforcement officials, the judiciary, health care providers, social workers, community leaders and the general public.
3. Amend applicable provisions of the penal code to ensure that perpetrators of the crimes do not benefit from a reduction of penalty.
4. Ensure that the crimes against women are treated as seriously as other other crimes in regard to investigation and prosecution, and that effective prevention efforts are put in place.
5. Establish a sufficient number of accessible shelters and crisis centers for females victims of violence in both urban and rural areas.

What about authority figures?! How did they respond?!

Queen Noor has replied to Ayah saying:

@Aiah_Fwares I am with you and have spoken out for over 30 years and will continue to speak out and work to redress all inequities, especially those concerning women, in our beloved country for what remains of my life.

While Mawan Juma ,ICT Minister and Samir Al-Rifai,the prime minister IGNORED.

This is a transcript of the conversation between Ayah and Walid Maani, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research :
Ayah: Dear @ICTMinJO @SamirAlRifai @WalidMaani, I want to thank you for NOT responding to the letter which was addressed to you http://chn.ge/9hJrNw .You should REdefine your purposes of being here on twitter and do NOT use the word to ‘socialize’ with Jordanians. @QueenNoor responded and you did NOT! Word of the month: Humility!

Walid: you welcome.

Ayah: With a cold blood?! SIGH!

Walid: People should not B angry F a person didn’t respond 2 what they r saying,its a free space 4 opinion & once its free it has 2 be totally free.

Ayah: People are not free when it’s part of their responsibilities!

Walid: When people start thinking for others and tell them what to do, then they confiscate their freedom of choice.

Ayah: Authority figures should be open minded well enough for criticism.And I guess when they start calling ‘responsibilities’ freedom of choice, then they definitely need a reminder!

Now, you can’t blame me for not finding a proper title!

  1. Jano says:

    interesting conversation between Walid Maani, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Aiah!

  2. Shadz says:

    The only comment I’m going to post here is probably going to end me up in jail, so I’ll refrain from publicly bashing a government official.

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