Boring Beauty Vs. Delightful Beauty

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Most of us claim that we do not care about ‘Beauty‘ in the process of choosing the one we want to be in relation with, love, marry or whatsoever. And we ALL know that no matter what we say, the face shape, the hair style, the color and the body shape  DO matter. But it’s under the umbrella of the riddle game, relativity.

We used to be told, taught or whatever u call it, that everyone of us has his own standards according to evaluating the prettiness of others. When I was a fresh teenager, I drew in my imaginations a picture of my dreamguy (I don’t wanna go through details, I bet that does not matter to any now, including myself). But then the days went by, I grew up and found out that life does not go this way. Life is more tougher to give us what we want on some golden plate. And then, the theory got corrupted.

I find it really hard to set a fair, recognizable and acceptable definition of BEAUTY that works for everyone anytime. But I guess I can easily observe that there’re two kinds of beauty. A boring one and a delightful one.

I’ll cut it short…

Boring beauty is beautifully drawn eyes, well created nose, cherry cheeks, sexy lips and a fit body. This is what most of you go for… I’ll leave the details for you to pick your own flavors… Anyway, Hallelujah… You got it!

Personally, I’d rather go for the second type… Where beauty is a smile, a frown, a laugh, a tear, a thought, a behavior, a mind, a heart, a philosophy, a word,  a nerve, a kiss, a touch, a hug, a shout, a whisper… or just a mix of all…

You’re free to choose the type you prefer… A lot will go for the first, so bookmark this page and remember me later (when you regret the decision you’ve made) and remember Oscar Wilde’s quote, “No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” And I’ll go for the second, I’ll go for someone I’ll never get bored of… Someone will amaze me constantly… Someone I’ll see a new expression on his face in every single time I look at him…

  1. haitham says:

    I hear ya! Loud and cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeear.
    We r kinda` programmed to be type I 😦 , I think most of us agree to the whole notion of what u wrote, it is the execution part that`s hard!


  2. XX says:

    If you convince yourself to be of part 1, then you’ll never be of part two. 🙂

  3. you_I_us says:

    I love this smart writing. I found your blog on “one young world”candidate page. feel free to visit my blog. hope we can share many thing 🙂

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